Bridge Alert

Bridge Alert is a GPS road safety app with up to date location alerts for low clearance bridges in Australia.

2018 Update - Android coming this year, currently in development and testing. New Bridges also coming. Stay tuned...


Australia has lots of truck, bus, coach and delivery van drivers operating in metropolitan and regional areas containing low tram and rail bridges. Dangerous bridge collisions time and time again are causing traffic and public transport congestion, costing businesses and the state. Bridge Alert app is a vehicle GPS location tracker that can help to avoid these costly accidents. Because we've now seen that even precautionary gantries such as those before the Montague Street Bridge in South Melbourne just don't seem to work.

App Screenshots

Vehicle height Bridge Alert screenshot 1 Location alert
Planned route Route entry


Enter a vehicle height and go! Or set the route for your journey, and see bridges to avoid in that area that are too low.

In cases where good network coverage, a strong GPS signal and data connection are available, users will receive a notification when entering a region near a low bridge.